CEC’s Policy on the Prevention of and Response to Maltreatment

In September of 2018 the CEC Board of Directors approved a new policy concerning the prevention of and response to maltreatment (i.e., neglect & abuse). The policy is designed to improve the safety and well-being of all children with disabilities through enhancements in research, teacher preparation standards, professional development opportunities, school policies, advocacy programs, curricular resources, and instructional strategies. This policy was designed to expand the current professional focus upon recognition and reporting, to a focus upon prevention of and response to maltreatment. The change in focus is supported by a broad coalition of agencies and organizations, including the CEC Board of Directors, several CEC Divisions, IDC members and the CEC Representative Assembly. The new CEC policy is guided by data concerning the long term risks associated with child maltreatment and the fact that children with disabilities are three times more likely to be maltreated than their nondisabled peers.

CASE is collaborating with the IDC Maltreatment Work Group in the design, development and dissemination of K-12 policies, professional development opportunities and curricular resources. At this initial stage of the work CASE is seeking to identify “Bright Spots,” i.e., school leaders who have existing expertise concerning maltreatment as experienced by children with disabilities. CASE members with this expertise are asked to contact Dr. Harold Johnson/CoChair of the IDC Maltreatment Work Group (3hjohnson@nullgmail.com) or Jamie Hopkins (jamiehopkins777@nullgmail.com), member IDC Maltreatment Work Group. Dr. Johnson or Ms. Hopkins will then follow up to provide more information concerning the “Bright Spot” initiative.

Additional information and collaborative opportunities regarding the new CEC policy on maltreatment will be provided in subsequent CASE communications.  R

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