CAP Survey Finds Variety of Communication Methods Most Effective to Strengthen the School-Home Partnership

A survey released last week by the Center for American Progress (CAP) compares parent, teacher, and school leader perspectives on family-school communication. The survey finds that when schools use multiple methods of communication, they have greater success in reaching parents and improving family engagement.

Increased parent and family engagement through frequent and consistent communication benefits multiple areas, including:

  • better parental attitudes about their children’s education,
  • improved academic experiences for the students,
  • better student outcomes in academics and behavior, and
  • higher ratings for schools on measures of climate and culture.

While there are differences in the frequency and importance of different types of information, parents reported finding the most value in individualized information, particularly about their student’s achievements. CAP’s report also provides policy recommendations, including information on maintaining Title I Parent Engagement funds and providing technical assistance to develop parent engagement.

To read CAP’s survey analysis, go here.

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