Listening to teacher demand

When COVID-19 hit, many teachers knew that millions of their students wouldn’t have the home environment needed to transition successfully to remote learning. Videos of educators going to all manner of lengths to deliver food and learning supplies to students have tugged at our heartstrings.

Bring More Kindness to Your Classroom

This year building a “kindness” culture and empathic classroom community is more important than ever. We want to support our kids with consistent routines whether they are learning at home, in the classroom, or both! This is why we were so excited when our friends at Red Nose Day created remote learning ready SEL resources that are tied to key learning moments throughout the year.

Why post-COVID-19 US education will be even less like it used to be than you think

When COVID-19 first became a national conversation topic, a flurry of articles in major U.S. publications followed proposing what, post-COVID-19, would remain the same and what would be different. There seems to be an assumption that these issues have largely been resolved; while we may not like every change, we at least have a pretty good idea of what post-COVID U.S. education will look like. A previous experience with the interaction of a school system and a disaster this century, Hurricane Katrina, should warn us that we’re probably underestimating how extensive and profound those changes are likely to be.