Public Comment Opportunity

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) plans to submit an amendment to Washington’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated Plan on February 3, 2020. Prior to submitting, they are seeking public comment on the proposed amendment.

The public comment period opens January 7 and will close at 5 pm on January 15. You may review the proposed amendment and submit your comments through their public comment survey.

The survey is available in:

Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

The proposed changes are related to the measure of progress in achieving English language proficiency for English learners (“English learner progress” or “EL progress”). The proposed changes are not associated with student eligibility for bilingual services; the changes are only related to overall program accountability.

It may be helpful to open a copy of the ESSA Consolidated Plan to refer to while you provide feedback, specifically pages 33–35.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Deb Came, Assistant Superintendent of Assessment and Student Information, at

Opportunity to Submit Public Comments on Washington’s Annual Application for IDEA Funds Now Available

The annual OSPI application for federal IDEA funds has been posted on OSPI’s Special Education Web page and will be available for public review and comment for a period of 60 days, prior to final submission to the USDOE Office of Special Education Programs by May 17, 2019. Because OSPI is awaiting a decision by the Legislature regarding the use of IDEA funds in Safety Net awards, two budgets are posted—one budget including federal funding in Safety Net as a state level activity one budget excluding the use of federal funds for Safety Net. Should the Legislature reach a decision prior to our filing date, the budget will be updated.

To submit your comments in writing, email, fax to 360-586-0247, or mail to the Special Education Office, OSPI, PO Box 47200, Olympia, WA 98504-7200. When submitting your written comments, please insert in the subject line, “WA Part B Annual State Special Education Application, Public Comments.” The deadline for written comments is May 13, 2019.