OSPI Legislative Reports on Social Emotional Learning in Washington’s K–12 Schools are Now Available

Executive Summary

Social emotional learning (SEL) is broadly understood to be a process through which people build awareness and skills in managing emotions, setting goals, establishing relationships, and making responsible decisions. Research highlighted in this report demonstrates that the effective integration of SEL in school systems creates a foundation for students’ increased school and life success. The Social Emotional Learning Indicators (SELI) Workgroup was established in 2017 to build upon the work of the previous Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks (SELB) Workgroup. Committed to focusing on the whole child, the SELI Workgroup applied guiding principles to ensure that statewide SEL work promotes equity and is culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and universally designed for access by all learners. Recommended actions for the SEL Advisory Committee (to be formed by OSPI as required in Senate Bill 5082 [2019]), each of which is dependent on meaningful engagement of diverse stakeholders, include the following:

    • Intentionally enhance, communicate, and disseminate SEL implementation resources.
    • Support capacity building for the implementation and integration of SEL in school systems and communities.
    • Evaluate, co-design, and continually improve SEL resources and implementation efforts to ensure they are effective, aligned with community priorities, and culturally responsive.

The contents of the report along with appendices can be found here.

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