Hot Topic Series: Related Services

Session One – Defining types of services SLP, OT and PT’s provide-Click to register

Professional Development:

  • For Related Service providers
  • Related Service providers to teachers/paras

Session Two – Caseloads and What to Know about Eligibility-Click to register

How are decisions being made as to who is being qualified for services?
Is it consistent across buildings and programs?
Has your department discussed/agreed upon some guidelines for qualifying students?
Do your service providers consider the three prongs?
Does the support require the expertise of a related service provider – are they the only one that can provide the support?
How do you embed Related Services into general education and special education?

Session Three – Accountability-Click to register

How are you monitoring caseloads?
SLPs – evals, case manager, re-evals
Progress Reporting?

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