Nominations for Officers

Washington CASE is seeking nominations for the following offices (each position is a two-year term unless specified):

  • Vice-President (one-year): Serves in place of, and with the authority of, the president in case of absence or disability. Serves as the program chair of Washington CASE, responsible for planning and developing programs for the unit. Responsible for quarterly membership accounting.
  • Secretary: The secretary manages communications and documentation for the organization. Updates and manages materials as needed by the executive committee.
  • Children and Youth Action Network (CAN) Coordinator: Represents WA-CASE at CEC CAN events, communicates CEC policy initiatives, conducts training for members, and develop relationships with local and state elected officials and government officials.
  • Member at Large: Serves as a voting member and serves as chairperson for standing and ad-hoc committees.
  • Student Member at Large: Serves as a voting member and serves as a student representative on committees.

Please nominate your colleagues here (after speaking with them of course)

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